Browns And Buccaneers Both At Crossroads Already This Season

The Cleveland Browns and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers enter this Sunday at a crossroad in their respective seasons. For the Cleveland Browns after beating the Baltimore Ravens they felt they were headed in the right direction. That train got derailed last week with a drubbing at the hands of the Los Angeles Chargers. Tampa Bay started at like a house of fire, but that it seems was a long time ago. The Bucs are struggling to win ball games and many issues have cropped up for them as well. Today, we will take a quick look at both teams and what their major problems happen to be right now.

Tampa Bay has one of the best offenses in the NFL ranking either one or two most weeks. The Bucs can score points and a lot of them. One of there issues on offense is they virtually have no running game at all. This means teams know they are going to pass it to their talented core of receivers but no one seems to be able to stop it. You would think they would be at the top of there division because of it, …

The Astros Finish Off The Tribe Thank God

The Houston Astros put the Cleveland Indians to rest with a convincing 11-3 win and a sweep of the three-game series. Cleveland in recent years has struggled in the playoffs and this scenario has continued in 2018. Since the loss to the Cubs in the World Series, this team just does not look the same. It hard to say how much that has taken out of this team, but it's evident something is not right. Corey Kluber continues to struggle in the playoffs and other players have not stepped up when needed.

Hitting in the playoffs is critical if you want to win a series. Cleveland's hitters went AWOL and Houston pitching mowed through them like a lawnmower through the grass. Cleveland during the regular season hit the ball well, but towards the end of the season, they did struggle. Those struggles continue against a Houston pitching staff that was lights out in all three games.

Cleveland's front office has some thinking to do this offseason. Do they change the manager or is there oth…

Browns And Steelers Battle To Ugly Tie 21-21

When the Steelers came to Cleveland to open the season I was hoping for a very good game to watch. Cleveland had added a lot of new pieces to their team, but what we see from both teams was pretty ugly. Both teams battled to a 21-21 overtime tie and have multiple issues that both teams will need to address.

Cleveland's defense was very good and Myles Garrett was a beast on the edge. Pittsburgh at times had trouble controlling him. The Browns defense was able to come up with turnovers to help the offense out, but Cleveland struggled on offense for most of the game and have issues that will need to be fixed. The running game was good, but the passing attack definitely needs work. Tyrod Taylor was just 15/40 for 197 yards and one interception. This was only the first game, so there is plenty of time to fix the issues on offense.

Pittsburgh's defense surprised me with their play in this game, The front four was great and harassed Tyrod Taylor all game long. The defense on the back…

Steelers vs Browns Who Wins The Opener?

The new look Cleveland Browns finally get to take the field today and remove the sour taste of a 0-16 season from their mouths and bodies. The problem is they will be facing one of the better teams in the NFL in the Pittsburgh Steelers who have a lot to play for themselves in this game. Let's take a closer look at the game and give our bold prediction on this game.

Let's take a look at the offenses of both teams:

Cleveland's offense is so much better this opener than last year. Cleveland signed Tyrod Taylor and have No.1 pick Baker Mayfield baking him up. Compared to last season a huge upgrade. Toss in wideout Jarvis Laundry and Josh Gordon and you have a potent offense. Maybe the biggest improvement may come in Todd Haley the Browns new offense coordinator. He is great at his job and will make a huge difference on this offense.

Pittsburgh, of course, has Big Ben still at the helm and Antonio Brown and some very good wide receivers to throw the ball too. There will be no L…

Urban Meyer And Ohio State Did Everything Wrong In This Case

Urban Meyer and the Ohio State University had a perfect chance to make a stand against domestic violence and they fumbled it all away. Yes, Urban Meyer and Gene Smith got suspended by the University, but they could have done a lot more which is a shame. Courtney Smith had to get little comfort in all of this as she got drugged through it all. Meyer gave a lame apology after the media railroaded him about it. If the media didn't step in she may never see an apology from Urban Meyer which is a shame.

Zach Smith who has been accused of domestic violence but not charged got with a lot if you read the information that has been released. Meyer did warn him on several occasions about his behavior but did not remove him until information was released about him. When that happened Meyer got rid of him. No matter how you look at it domestic violence is a serious issue and it seems neither Meyer of the University took it very seriously. Courtney Smith and her family must be shaking their hea…

Is Kevin Love Really Worth 120 Million Dollars?

Kevin Love is now the 120 million dollar man after signing an extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Is Kevin Love worth this kind of extension right now? I guess there are many ways you can actually look at this if you want to. 

The one thing that has been constant about Love is his desire to remain with the Cavaliers. Through all the trade talk he was steadfast he rather say in Cleveland. The Cavaliers rewarded him with an extension for his loyalty. It will be interesting to see how well he does with King James gone. 

Kevin Love will now have to make this his team as he will be counted on a lot. I think Kevin Love will benefit by his new role with James gone. I think for the longest time K-Love wanted to do more but would always defer to James now he no longer has to worry about that. 

Cleveland now will run the offense through Kevin Love which is something he will not be use to. I am sure it will be an adjustment period, but one he will like a lot. In the end, You have to credit Clev…

Why Are The Murals Of Lakers And King James Being Targeted

I bet not to many people thought when King James headed to the Lakers murals would be targeted and destroyed. For me I was kinda of shocked as well. I knew King James was a polarizing figure, but did not think murals would be a target of people who had a grudge against King James. Why is this happening. I don’t really have an answer just some theories like everyone else.

Many people think that is surrounds Kobe Bryant and other Laker legends. This is a plausible answer to the problem. Kobe Bryant is still hugely popular and many people feel he is trying to replace him in their eyes. James just wants to be the best player he can be, but others think he is trying to steal Bryant’s spotlight. Hopefully, it’s not the reason we have vandalism on Lakers murals.

The reason I am going with is Lebron James has plenty of haters in the world as well. Probably just as many people hate him as love him. It comes with the territory and James understand this better then anyone. I think once basketbal…