Santonio Holmes Agrees To Five Year Deal With Jets

The New York Jets wanted to keep Santonio Holmes and today they did just that. Holmes agreed to a five year deal with the Jets. Holmes is a good receiver who will make that tough catch when you need it. The Jets could not afford to let him go as Mark Sanchez needs Holmes and Braylon Edwards back as well. Now that the Jets have Holmes under contract will they sign Braylon Edwards next.

Signing Santonio Holmes was a great move by the Jets, but it cannot end there though. Getting Braylon Edwards back is just as important in my opinion. If they only sign Holmes he will be double covered and ineffective. By signing Edwards the Jets can have two big targets for Sanchez and that will make it so much easier on him. I guess we will have to see what the Jets are thinking, but do not be surprised if Edwards is back as well.

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