Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011 Denver Broncos NFL Preview

It always seem the Denver Broncos are an interesting team every year and this year should be no exception. The Broncos are looking to get back to the playoffs this coming season and that is a possibility, but will need to improve in several areas. Let's take a look at the 2011 Denver Broncos.

One of the first things the Broncos must decide is who will lead them in 2011. There has been much speculation that Kyle Orton would be traded, but that has not happened just yet. Tim Tebow is waiting in the wings and the fans in Denver want to see Tebow, so it should be an interesting season behind center for the Broncos. They need to stick to one and not have a quarterback carousel this coming season. The Broncos will be fine on offense as they can score points. Signing Willis McGahee was a good pickup for them.

The defense in 2010 was a problem with the Broncos, but in the draft they addressed that by getting some defensive help.  The defense should be better this season, but they still have some holes that need to be filled. As a unit they also need to play much better than they have. Until this happens the Broncos could struggle again this season.

Denver has enough talent to win the West as no team stands out above the rest. San Diego is good, but inconsistent week to week. It may come down to the Broncos offense and who leads them. Either way the Broncos need to play well on both sides of the ball this season to be successful. If they can do that they have enough talent to win the Wild West division.

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