Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dwight Howard Wants More Noise In Amway Arena Magic Fans

Dwight Howard was interacting with fans when a fan admitted that 85 percent of the time fans don't cheer as loud as they could. The truth is that did not sit well with Dwight Howard as he wants them as loud as possible from game 1 to the playoffs. Howard says he gives 110 percent every night no matter who the Magic are playing to the fans and he wants just as much back. Whoa Dwight Howard let's get real for a moment here.

First I have watched a number of your games and there has been times you have not given 110 percent. You may think you have, but the tape does not lie. I am sure you try hard, but no player can say they give there all on every play it just does not happen. I will agree with you the crowds should be louder, but that won't happen unless they want to do it.

People in the stands pay for their tickets and have the right to cheer, boo, or just sit and do nothing. That is their right when they plunk down their money for the ticket. Getting Amway as loud as possible would be nice, but the chances it happens night after night is really just a pipe dream. Mr. Howard be happy with the fans that yell and scream as getting them all to do just isn't happening.

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