Monday, August 8, 2011

Is Nebraska Ready For The Big Ten?

All the contracts have been sign and now Nebraska must get ready for Big Ten play shortly. Are the Cornhuskers and their fans over confident entering the Big Ten? Many people wonder if Nebraska can adjust to playing in different venues and a different style of college football. The truth is the Big Ten style actually fits into the mode that Nebraska has played for many years. Line up and see who buckles first.

Running the ball has always been something Nebraska has done well and they will continue to do it in the Big Ten nothing will change there. The one thing that Nebraska will have to get use to is the pride factor that each Big Ten team has and will show them week after week. Big Ten teams know Nebraska is good, and they want to prove they can play with them on a consistent basis. Being over confident is something Nebraska must not let happen if they want to win a Big Ten title. Nothing has changed for the Cornhuskers they still must perform at a high level if they want to reach their goals. Big Ten or Big 12 you must perform on the field week after week.

Bo Pelini will have the Cornhuskers ready for the Big Ten, but you cannot go in over confident or counting on wins. You have to treat each game as important not looking past any opponent. The Big Ten has many good teams that would love to say they beat Nebraska in their first season in the Big Ten. Over confidence is something Nebraska must stay away in their first season in the Big Ten.

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