Thursday, August 18, 2011

Miami Hurricanes Had Fun But The Punishment Could Be Severe From NCAA

For the last few months the NCAA has been on the University of Miami investigating allegations that the football program was doing things they should not have been doing. Former booster Nevin Shapiro, now serving 20 years in federal prison, claims he treated players to sex parties, nightclub outings, cars and other gifts. According to Shapiro, he helped around 72 players to all the free goodies. Now he sits in a federal prison and is singing like a bird.

The Miami Hurricanes are in some serious trouble if what Shapiro is true and the NCAA comes to that conclusion. With all that has been released so far this could be a big penalty coming the Hurricanes way. Now I am sure others had to know about it, but they just turned the other cheek. It was more important to skirt the rules and win games than to do the right thing. I guess now they wish they had done it the other way around.

Miami is going to be hit hard by the NCAA, but the reality is rules need to be changed or this will continue to happen at other colleges. Changing the rules is something the NCAA must do and do it fast. I am sure that Miami is not the only school that does it. Shapiro also admitted that SEC schools do it as well. They just have not been caught with their hand in the cookie jar as Miami has so far.

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