Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mom Time

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

Being a mom is definitely everything it’s cracked up to be if you ask me and it’s something I’ve waited for my whole life. When my first was born a few years ago I did everything by the book: I bought the most expensive diapers and formula, made sure he woke up as often as possible and even went toHttp://HOME-alarm-systems.com/ to get us an alarm. I thought I had it all under control! But that was all before the long nights with colic left me totally sleepy all the time and I got laid off from my job…the second baby sure made me chill out a bit! I realized that there’s more to being a good mom thank giving your baby a lot of stuff…they can’t appreciate it anyway. My son is just as happy playing with a stick as he is playing with some expensive toy so I think from now on I’m going to go a little lower end and see if they notice. I bet they sure won’t!

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