Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nebraska Joined Big Ten For The Wrong Reasons

Now being a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan when I heard they were moving to the Big Ten I gasped, and just shook my head. My fellow Big Ten friends told me how fortunate I should feel that Nebraska is coming to the best conference in the country. I did point out the Big Ten’s record in championship games is not exactly something to write home about.

When I heard all the reasons that Tom Osborne gave for leaving for the Big Ten it still did not put me at ease. The bottom line is Nebraska is leaving for the Big Ten for all the wrong reasons. The move is mostly for academics and money. It’s not about sports as the Big Ten has never really in recent years been a dominate conference in football or basketball. When the Big Ten tossed cash Nebraska’s way they jumped at the chance.

Yes, Nebraska will do fine in football and other sports in the Big Ten, but really what do they gain from it. A larger recruiting base, but the same teams will be the ones Nebraska will still have to beat to win a National Championship. The Oklahoma’s, Texas, and you pick the SEC team will still be in their way. Switching conferences will not change that. Nebraska switched for all the wrong reasons, but in the end we all know money was one of the biggest factors in it.

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