Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NET10 Unlimited Plan Let's You Talk And Text As Long As You Want

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Finding a plan cell phone plan can be tough, but not no more with the NET10 Unlimited plan. With this plan, you get nationwide coverage with unlimited talk, text, and data for just $50 a month. This means if you are a heavy talker, texter, or love using data this is the perfect plan for you. Most people worry about how many minutes they have used, but NET10 has taken all those worries away. You get a totally unlimited cell phone plan at a price everyone can afford.  
No contracts, no surprise bills, and no credit checks are what you will love about this new plan from NET10. You will have great nationwide coverage along with great reception and connectivity. NET10 is known for their customer service and they only use trusted phones form the top manufacturers. You will be able to choose a phone from the likes of LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia, and Samsung.
Many people wonder how to get started with NET10, and it starts by visiting www.net10.com.  Choose a phone and pick a plan and in a few minutes you will be on your way to great low cost cellular service. It is quick and in no time, you will be talking and texting with your friends.  More and more businesses are finding out that using Net10 can save them money on their calling needs as well. 
There are many different plans to choose from including an Easy Minutes Plus plan, which is an automatic, plan for $15.00 and gives you 200 minutes. There are also many Pay-As-You-Go Plans that you can choose from as well. You can choose unlimited minutes, text, and web for $50.00 a month.  You can switch ebetween plans without penalties or late fees anytime that you want to.  Purchasing airtime from your phone can be done quickly, or you can visit your local retailer as well for airtime cards. Check out the Cute NET10 commercial that is playing on television.
Phone selection is one of the strong points at NET10 with simple phones starting at under $15.00.  Phones with a camera, video recorder, and mobile web can be bought for under $40.00. Full QWERTY keyboard phones, touch screen, and slider phones are also available for purchase. By visiting Facebook and Twitter, you can keep up with what is happening at NET10. Below is a video of a Real NET10 customer and how much they enjoy the service. More people See the Light and are now enjoying lower cell phone bills.

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