Monday, August 1, 2011

Randy Moss Calling It Quits

I will admit I never seen this coming at all.Randy Moss always seems to shock us and today was no different as his agent has said that Moss will retire. According to his agent, Moss weigh the offers he was getting and thought it was best to retire. Now I will admit this is a total shock to me. Moss, 34, played 13 seasons, catching 954 passes for 14,858 yards with 153 touchdowns. Now is this the end of the road for Moss.

I do not think so at all. In fact I look for us to see Moss somewhere down the road in a uniform. You never know what may happen during the season and he could be pressed into coming back in the right situation. If he does retire he has had a wonderful career, that has been marred by a few bad incidents along the way. The truth about Randy Moss is when he had his head in the game he was one of the best football players around.

It's weird he is retiring now considering he was working out real hard to get back into football. The offers he must have been getting were for losing teams at a salary he did not like. For all his faults I will miss seeing Randy Moss perform on the field. When he did show up to play he was one of the best around.

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