Monday, August 29, 2011

Will Junior Be Able To Hold His Spot And Make The Chase This Season?

With two races left there is some tense time in the Dale Earnhardt Jr camp. He sits 9th in points and with two races left will he hold on. The bottom line is if he finishes above his competitors that are position below him he will be fine. The problem he has though, a DNF could knock him out of The Chase. This is why Junior must still run hard every week to make it. The odds look good he will make the Chase, but does it matter really.

Early in the season Junior was having some good runs and it looked like he was going to break his losing streak, but that did not happen. He has slowly fell down the standings and his performance on the track has suffered as well. It's the same old Junior running well, and not so well. It seems to be a recurring theme anymore with him. Fans though stick by him hoping for a win that I am afraid is not coming this season. Ever since he left his Dad's company he has not performed the way he would like. In fact, maybe it's time Junior ask for his old Dad's number 3 black car. It seems Junior does well when he drives his dad's famous cars, but not his own.

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