Blame The Red Sox Collapse On The Players No One Else

It is a somber mood in Red Sox Nation today as their Red Sox's are trying to make sense of what happen to them. The Red Sox had a nine game lead and looked like a lock for the playoffs, but it is the Tampa Bay Rays who made it and not them. The Red Sox went 6-18 after that and did not win consecutive games at any point in the month after building a nine game lead. The only people you can blame for this epic collapse is the players.

The Red Sox players are the ones out on the field making the plays or not making the plays. There really is no excuse for playing as bad as they did at times. I will admit I have never seen such a epic collapse like this from such a talented team. This will stick with Red Sox Nation for a very long time. Many people want to point fingers and those fingers better be pointed at the players because that is where the blame needs to be.

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