Triple H And Cena Wins At Night Of Champions

The latest WWE Pay per view was an interesting one to say the least. It was called Night Of Champions as some titles changed hands. Let's get right too it. Kelly Kelly defeated Beth Phoenix again which I will admit was a surprise to me. I guess we can no longer doubt what Kelly can do inside the ring.

Mark Henry was able to overpower a game Randy Orton to take the his first World Heavyweight Championship of his career. It will be interesting to see how long Henry holds onto it. John Cena defeated Albert Del Rio which was something I think we all seen coming. Triple H defeated C.M. Punk in a wild match that seen many different things. I think we knew Triple H was not going to lose this one and his title of COO to anyone else.

Sheamus gave Christian a boot which we all wanted to see. The Miz and R-Truth wined like they always have after they lost. Air Boom continues their winning ways by defending the tag titles. Ted DiBiase defeated Cody Rhoades and Dolph Zigger continued to win as well. Not a bad pay per view, but nothing really earth shattering that's for sure.

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