Monday, September 12, 2011

What We Learned About The Phillies And Brewers This Weekend

The Milwaukee Brewers have one of the best home records in baseball and this past weekend they welcomed the Philadelphia Phillies to Miller Park. Philadelphia has been the most consistent baseball team this season and they proved it again this weekend. The Phillies went in and took three out of four from the Milwaukee Brewers. In fact, the Brewers got lucky they did not get swept by the Phillies.

What did we learn from this series? Both teams have good starting pitching, but Philadelphia is just a little bit better. Milwaukee has some good hitters, but the Phillies hitters performed in the clutch the Brewers did not. Both teams are talented, but over time the Phillies have proven they can beat anyone almost anywhere. The Milwaukee Brewers are still a team trying to learn how to do that. It looks right now the Phillies are still the best until someone proves different. This past weekend the Brewers found out just how good the Phillies are.

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