You Cannot Deny Tim Tebow Any Longer The Chance To Start

With Kyle Orton having a dreadful day Tim Tebow was brought in the second half and almost rallied the Denver Broncos to a victory. The fans have been calling for Tebow to be their quarterback for a number of weeks, and it will be hard to sit him. Coach John Fox has not said what he will do, but Tim Tebow deserves a chance to see if he can do the job. In one half of football he almost was able to get the victory.

Tebow has quietly sat on the bench and waited for his turn to start. I think John Fox owes it to the fans and especially Tim Tebow to see what he can do. The Broncos are struggling and maybe Tebow can give the Broncos a shot in the arm. It cannot hurt as Kyle Orton does not seem to be the answer. Starting Tim Tebow is the right thing to do, but we will have to wait and see if the Denver Broncos do the right thing. The one thing is for sure the fans back Tim Tebow 100 percent.

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