Saturday, November 5, 2011

Penn State Ex Coach Others Charged In Child Sex Case Today

Former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, 67 was arrested and accused of molesting eight boys, and two school administrators were charged with failing to tell police when a witness told them he saw a boy being sexually assaulted in the shower. This is bad and it seems this investigation has been going on for quite some time at Penn State. If the allegations are true that is very sad. Joe Paterno is not implicated and when Paterno first learned of one report of abuse, he immediately reported it to Tim Curley athletic director.

I hope these allegations are not true, but some have called Jerry Sandusky a child predator. If this is true I wonder how many kids are afraid to come forward to tell their story. If it happen at Penn State I am sure it has happened at other places as well. There needs to be more watch over coaches in the future, so we do not have this problem anymore. It is a very sad case with a bleak outlook it seems.

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