After 0-3 Start Are The Celtics Just Too Old To Be Considered A Contender

The Boston Celtics are now 0-3 after a loss to the New Orleans Hornets by a score of 97-78. Is age finally catching up with the Celtics. Many people seem to think so, but I am not buying it just yet. The Boston Celtics have played without Paul Pierce which is a vital element to this team. The problems the Celtics are experiencing are nothing they cannot fix.

Not getting back on defense and helping out is something they will need to work on. People have to remember it was a very short training camp and that older teams need more time to get things ironed out. I think the Boston Celtics will be fine once they get Paul Pierce back in the lineup. The have plenty of experience and the veteran leadership will lead them through these tough times. I would not write off the Boston Celtics just yet.

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