Saturday, December 17, 2011

Around The Diamond: 2012 Milwaukee Brewers

Time for our early MLB Previews and today we will look at the 2012 Milwaukee Brewers. Milwaukee finally made the playoffs, but could not stop the eventual winner the St. Louis Cadinals. The Brewers did win the NL Central and should be a contender for it this coming season. Milwaukee has some issues it must address in the off-season. Maybe their biggest is what to do at first base. It looks like they will not resign Prince Fielder, so Mat Gamel will get his shot at first base.

Milwaukee also may have to deal with losing Ryan Braun as he had a positive test for drugs. He is appealing, and the Brewers will need to see how this works out for them. The Brewers did ship Casey McGehee to the Pirates for pitcher Jose Veras. This deal was done because the Brewers signed former Cub 3B Aramis Ramirez. Milwaukee is counting on Ramirez to pick up the slack with Fielder probably gone.

The Brewers also will have another shortstop as they signed Alex Gonzalez. He is a good shortstop, but his numbers with the bat will not wow anyone. The bullpen for the most part will be back. For the Brewers to contend again in 2012 they will need a team effort. Nyjer Morgan must continue to play with a steady head and the Brewers must stay injury free.

Starting pitching for the Brewers should be fine and even better this year. I look for the Brewers to contend again for the National League Championship. A lot will will depend on the pitching and if it holds up the Brewers could find themselves in the 2012 World Series.

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