Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Can Tony Romo Save The Dallas Cowboys Season?

Tony Romo all season long has had a lot of pressure put on his shoulders, but nothing like it will be this weekend against the New York Giants. Tony Romo is expected to play even though he has a banged up hand. All season long Romo has made a habit of making mistakes that has cost his team. This week it will be Tony Romo the Dallas Cowboys turn to for a miracle. Romo has the ability to play well and can get the job done, but he cannot do it alone.

Romo will need help from others if he is going to be able to play the whole game. Wide receivers and the running game need to take some of the pressure off of Romo. Many times this season the Dallas Cowboys have screwed up at the end and it has cost them games. Now they are hoping a banged up Tony Romo can breath life into them and get them into the playoffs. The one thing about Tony Romo is you never know what your going to get. If you get the good Tony Romo the Dallas Cowboys will be heading to the playoffs. If the bad one shows up it will be a long and tough off-season in Cowboy land.

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