Saturday, December 17, 2011

College Basketball Schedule Dec 17, 2011

17 Miss St
12:00pm ET

16 Georgetown
12:00pm ET

Alabama A&M
20 Michigan
12:00pm ET

2 Ohio St
S Carolina
12:00pm ET

6 Baylor
2:00pm ET

22 Texas A&M
13 Florida
2:30pm ET

N Colorado
11 Marquette
4:00pm ET

4 Louisville
4:00pm ET

18 Indiana
Notre Dame
4:30pm ET

19 Illinois
5:00pm ET

Indiana St
25 Vanderbilt
5:30pm ET

Appalach St
6:00pm ET

S.C. St
15 Pittsburgh
6:00pm ET

1 Syracuse
N.C. St
6:30pm ET

Bowling Grn
21 Michigan St
7:00pm ET

3 Kentucky
8:00pm ET

Arkansas St
24 Murray St
8:00pm ET

Houston Bap.
25 Creighton
8:05pm ET

23 Alabama
Kansas St
10:00pm ET

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