Colts Need To Make Sure Peyton Manning Does Not Take The Field this Season

Peyton Manning has been itching to get back in the lineup as he has resumed throwing the football. For the Indianapolis Colts they are looking at a season in which they most likely will not win a game. This is something that Peyton Manning does not like one bit. Hopefully common sense will prevail and the Colts will not march him onto the field this coming season. Many times, teams rush players back and there is no need to put Peyton Manning on the field this season.

For the Colts keeping him on the bench makes a lot more sense. They will get the No.1 draft pick and a player that can help their team for years to come. Sending Peyton Manning out on the field could get him hurt. Let him miss a whole season and come ready in 2012. I would rather have a losing season than to lose Peyton Manning for another year. Hopefully, the Colts will not try to get a win by sending out their star and risk another senseless injury.

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