Friday, December 16, 2011

Dwight Howard Still Wants To Be Traded

Sometimes I have to wonder what Dwight Howard is thinking when he talks in the media. According to Howard his trade request is still on and he wants to be traded out of Orlando.  I love Howard, but personally I would like to see the Magic trade him and be done wit it. Right now he is trying to hold the Magic hostage and that is a shame.

The Orlando Magic should be done with him and get as much as they can. All this drama is doing is making it tougher to have a good season for the Magic. Getting him moved will let the Magic start getting people in here who can help the team and does not have another agenda. Howard first game is coming up and I look for Howard a fan favorite to get booed pretty good.

You would think that Dwight Howard would have learned something through the whole James fiasco, but he has not. Now the Orlando fans will have their chance to show their displeasure with him shortly. I think Howard could be surprised by the rough treatment the fans give him. He really only can blame one person for it himself.

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