From The South

Written by Fermin Washington

Being from the south means there are a lot of things you think are a necessity that a lot of other people can’t understand. Sweet tea is one and being near family is another – those are just things you come to expect here. Unfortunately for me I live in Atlanta which isn’t exactly like all the other southern areas – it’s far more metropolitan and there’s actually quite a good bit of crime if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. I bought an adorable little condo actually in a transitional area last year and though I love the inside of it the outside leaves some to be desired. At least I have a garage and Atlanta security systems to make me feel better about living all alone, otherwise I think I’d be scared just being there by myself. I like my job and my friends here but sometimes I wish I could pick up all that and move it to the West coast or something similar. I’m sick of being here!

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