Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lebron James Tired Of Villain Role Already!

Lebron James tried to wear the villain hat last season, and you could see that is just not James. When he took off from Cleveland he thought that was the way to go. He has since learned that he likes the love and respect a lot more than the villain role. He now understands why Cleveland fans hated him for what he did. The special was a mistake and something he will live with the rest of his life.

For James tossing the villain hat aside and being himself again will make him a much more dangerous player. James plays better as a fan favorite and loves to hear the crowds cheer him. Last season, he was not use to being booed as much as he was. He thought it would only happen in Cleveland, but he learned it was virtually everywhere. Now that James is turned the corner and thrown the villain persona away he may win that elusive NBA Championship he wants so bad.

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