Friday, December 16, 2011

Orlando Magic 2011-2012 Preview- Will The Magic Rise Above The Drama With A Good Season

The 2011-12 version of the Orlando Magic could be much different if the many different trade options come to pass. Dwight Howard has asked for a trade and he really has no idea where he wants to go. If Howard does get traded this means Hedo Turkoglu and Chris Duhon could also be going along with their high dollar contracts as well.

Orlando did trade for Glen "Big Baby" Davis from the Boston Celtics in exchange for Brandon Bass. I think Glenn Davis is going to do well in Orlando and will play a big role in what the Magic will do this season. If Orlando does trade Dwight Howard look for Davis to have an even bigger role in the team.

The 2011-12 edition of the Orlando Magic is still evolving and could for some time. Gauging what kind of team or season Orlando will have is tough, but with or without Howard they will still be a decent team. Magic fans would like to keep Howard, but that may not be in the cards no matter how much they hope for that.

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