Saturday, December 17, 2011

Penn State Sexual Abuse Case Will We Ever Know The Whole Truth

The Penn State sexual abuse case will have no winners and finding out the whole truth may never ever come which is sad. One good thing came out yesterday as two Penn State officials can be tried on charges of lying to a grand jury about an allegation of child sex abuse against former Nittany Lions defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, a judge ruled Friday. Getting the truth is something that would be nice, but in reality I doubt if we will ever know the truth.

It seems everyone knew about the sexual abuse from the top to former coach Joe Paterno, but no one came forward like they should have when it was alleged. It is a shame that you have so many adults and very few were willing to step forward to protect these kids. In the end your innocent until proven guilty, but from the evidence being presented it looks like many people could see jail time in this sad case.

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