Friday, December 16, 2011

Rip Hamilton Could Be The Missing Piece For The Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are close to getting over the hump, but they are missing one piece. That missing piece could be Rip Hamilton. Chicago needed a guy who has been through the wars and can do a variety of things. Hamilton can come off the bench and give the Bulls instant offense and help Derrick Rose out. Last season, the Bulls asked Derrick Rose to do way too much. He needs some help and Rip Hamilton could be what the Bulls are looking for to get them over the hump.

Besides his defense and his scoring punch he will help bring leadership and help Rose grow as a player. Derrick Rose has grown up a lot, but having Hamilton will help him out a lot. He can learn a lot from Rip Hamilton and will become a better player. The Bulls needed one piece, and if Hamilton plays well in Chicago the Bulls will be even tougher to eliminate from the playoffs in 2012.

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