Friday, December 16, 2011

Will Anyone Give Kurt Busch A Ride In 2012?

Kurt Busch and Penske Racing parted ways recently, and Kurt Busch will be a hot free agent. The problem he will encounter is finding someone to give him a chance. High-profile teams will not touch him, so it will have to be a borderline team that has decent equipment, but need a talented racer to get them over the hump.One of those teams is Richard Petty Motorsports who may just give Kurt Busch the chance he wants. I think that Busch going to Richard Petty Motorsports could be just what the doctor ordered.

Busch needs to be in an organization that can help him and in return he can help them. This is why Richard Petty Motorsports would be great for Kurt Busch. There are a number of other supporters, but right now it looks like Richard Petty Motorsports could be the best fit for Busch. No matter who he chooses to drive for the one thing he must do is tone down his attitude and his mouth. If he does not he will find himself on the outside looking in again.

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