Thursday, January 26, 2012

Joe Pa Saying Goodbye To A Legend

With the death of Joe Paterno College Football has lost a legendary figure of it's sport. Paterno coached being accountable for things and in his final days Joe Paterno was still upbeat. What will the world write about Joe Paterno after he is gone many years? I know that he will always be considered one of the greatest coaches of all-time. No matter the circumstances that surrounded his firing he was a hell of a football coach. Ask any player who ever played for him and they will tell you countless stories on how he touched their lives.

Maybe the way Joe Paterno should be best remembered is through all the players lives he has touched. He has had some great players that have done great things on and off the field. People tend to think Joe Paterno was all about football. Yes, it was a big part of his life, but it was much more than that for him. He was proud of how many players went on to do great things with their lives. Not every player is an NFL player and Paterno understood this very well.

He taught about life after football and why your studies was so important. Maybe JoePa's biggest mark was not in college football but how many lives he changed for the better.

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