Lebron James In Regular Season A Proven Winner

Lebron James did his best to show people he is dedicated to winning and doing what it takes to get that win. Last night against the Lakers James battled the flu to toss in 31 points, eight rebounds and eight assists for a 98-87 win over Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers.

No matter what people say about Lebron James he is a force on the basketball court when he puts his mind to it. James in my opinion is a much tougher player when he does not have a good supporting cast around him. He is forced to do more and this is where he excels. James at times can be lazy and that is his main problem. With Wade and Bosh on the team he many times will just stand around and watch.

For the Lakers they have many issues and one of those is playing hard for 48 minutes. They have parts of games where they play good, but you must do this for 48 minutes if you want to win in this league. Besides Kobe Bryant the Lakers have really not done much as a team. There road record is bad and they need to get it turned around very soon.

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