Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lebron James Still Trying To Learn How To Close Out Games

Everyone knows Lebron James is a two-time League MVP, and one of the best in the NBA. This does not matter as people will always find things wrong with your game. Maybe the one area James has yet to fixed is his ability to close out games. The good ones all have it from Magic to Bird and Jordan to Kobe. For James though this has alluded him and must be fixed.

Last night he had a chance to fix his inner demons and could not close it out for the Heat at the free throw line. If he did he could start to get the tag of not being able to close games off his back. Instead he missed free throws and the Heat lost in overtime to the Clippers. No matter your greatness you have to close the deal and right now that is something that Lebron James has not learned how to do.

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