Friday, January 6, 2012

Oil Refinery

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

I recently took a job in Texas working in an oil refinery as a contractor, and so far I love it. Sure, the weather is hot and the work is hard, but I get to live in a great town and get paid well for the work I do. As a contractor, I receive a Per Diem to cover my living expenses while I’m here working, which is also great. I found a wonderful apartment and am having a blast exploring my new city. Another great thing is that any money from my Per Diem stipend that I don’t spend is mine to keep. That was definitely the motivation I needed to try to save some money on my living expenses! At the suggestion of one of my new coworkers, I checked out Champion Energy Spring Texas and discovered that I could shop around for the cheapest energy provider. I have saved a ton of money on my utilities each month, and I’m sending that extra money back to my wife and family at home. Being away from them is not ideal, but I’m so fortunate to be able to provide a good living for them while I’m out here.

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