Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tim Tebow Most Popular Sports Star You Got To Be Kidding

Yes, ESPN did a survey and Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow top the list as the favorite male athlete. Now that really should not come as a surprise considering everywhere you turn it's about Tim Tebow. Now don't get me wrong he has done a good job in Denver and people like to see a guy like Tebow succeed. Just as many though are also rooting against Tim Tebow it's just how it works in sports. Tim Tebow will continue to ride this popularity as long as the Broncos continue to win.

People will drop you quickly if you make a mistake, say something wrong,or stop winning. Just ask Michael Vick about that one. He was probably one of the most popular playerss when he was in Atlanta, but dog fighting charges ended all that for him. Tebow must keep his nose clean and watch what he says and does in the future. If he can do that and win a few games a long the way it maybe a while be fore he is unseated as the most popular sports star.

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