Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What's Wrong With The Dallas Cowboys?

The million dollar question these days is what is wrong with the Dallas Cowboys? Is it the owner? Coaching? Or could it be a combination of everything. Pinpointing the problems with the Dallas Cowboys is very tough as you could pick out a number of areas. I will try to go over a few and see what changes need to be made in my opinion.

Let's start with the coach Jason Garrett whom Jerry Jones personally picked to coach his Dallas Cowboys. I like Jason Garrett as an offensive coordinator as he has a great mind for the game. Being a head coach though is not his forte. Another guy who comes to mind is Wade Phillips. He has a great feel for the defensive side of it, but is not a head coach. I think eventually the Dallas Cowboys will need to make a change.

No matter how much Cowboy fans would like to see a smaller role for Jerry Jones it will never happen. He owns the team and will have his hand in everything. I do not always think that is a good thing, but that's the way it happens to be.

The players are another area that the Cowboys also need to work on as well. Dallas finished 8-8 and only beat one team with a .500 record or better the San Francisco 49ers. Talent wise the Dallas Cowboys are not that bad. The problem many times lies in the effort they give. Years ago, it meant something to wear a Dallas Cowboys uniform, but today's players do not seem to care. It's more about collecting the check than winning games. Until players realize they have a huge responsibility being a Dallas Cowboy they will continue to struggle.

As you can see there are many problems with the Dallas Cowboys and no easy fix. It will take time to get the Cowboys back to where they once were. Jason Garrett is not the coach they need and the players need to make more of a commitment. Jerry Jones will always be there, so that is something you can't change, but you still can fix the other two.

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