Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Danica Patrick Should Earn A Spot Not Be Given One

After I read about Danica Patrick and how she got her spot in the Daytona 500 I find myself not really happy the way it went down. I mean yes they bought there spot and that is legal under Nascar rules. I just do not think it is fair to other drivers trying to make the field. Yes, people will say they could have bought the spot, but most do not have the backing or that kind of money. If they want to get into the Daytona 500 they must race in. This is what Danica Patrick should have been forced to do as well. I am against people buying spots into this race.

Nascar has gotten away from a level playing field and that is why one-car teams have very little chance for success these days. Rickey Rudd found out how tough it was even with a good sponsor. Earning your spot in the big show is how it should be done. Dancia Patrick may have qualified anyways, but I still would have liked to see her earn it. Buying spots because you have deep pockets in my opinion is just wrong in my opinion.

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