Thursday, February 2, 2012

Texas Longhorns Get Richer By Doing Things The Right Way

It has been a few years since Mack Brown and his Texas Longhorns have played in a National Championship, but that has not slowed down the Texas Longhorns. Yes, Longhorn fans have not been happy with results in the last few years, but the Longhorns have done things the right way. They have kept Mack Brown on as coached when some wanted him to go. How has Mack Brown paid back the faith in him? The Texas Longhorns have the second best recruiting class behind only Alabama in 2012. What does this mean for Longhorn fans? It simply means the Texas Longhorns are going to be a factor in the National Championship picture the next few years.

Texas was able to land two 5-star recruits and 14 4-star recruits. One name Longhorn fans want to pay close attention to is Johnathan Gray. He is a running back with great speed and had almost 4,000 yards rushing and he scored 65 TD's in his senior season. Those are some amazing numbers and he is bringing that talent to Texas to thrill Longhorn fans. Texas has had some down years lately, but they have stayed the course and now they are reaping the rewards. Look for the Texas Longhorns to be one of the teams that could surprise in 2012. With the bumper crop of talent coming in and what is already there we could be hearing Hookem Horns a lot in 2012 and beyond.

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