Wes Welker Does Not Deserved To Be The Goat In The Super Bowl

Wes Welker has always been a stand-up guy, so when he came to the podium and admitted he may a mistake and maybe cost his team it came as no shock to me. Welker has never hid from reporter's questions and has always done things the right way. To label him as the sole reason the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl is just crazy. There are many reasons the Patriots lost the Super Bowl and Welker's dropped pass was just one of many mistakes the Patriots made.

People focus on that one play of Welker's instead of all the things he did to get the Patriots in that position. How many receivers read the coverage like he did to get a chance to make that play. I will bet you not a lot. Welker during the season time and time again make the tough catch and gets that tough yard that the Patriots need.To pin this loss on his is just wrong as Welker was not the only player dropping passes in this loss.

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