NBA Scores March 3, 2012

It was an interesting night in the NBA last night with several teams winning that I did not expect to win. Orlando beat the Bucks behind another dwight Howard monster game and good outside shooting. The Wizards beat the Cavaliers which is a game I did not see coming at all. Probably the biggest shocker for me were the Atlanta Hawks. This is a team that beat the Oklahoma City Thunder without Joe Johnson. They got a monster game from Josh Smith and he help lead them past Kevin Durant and the Thunder. Give the Hawks credit when they decide to play they are a tough team to deal with.

Oklahoma City 90
Atlanta 97

Cleveland 98
Washington 101

Milwaukee 98
Orlando 114

Indiana 102
New Orleans 84

Detroit 83
Memphis 100
Final B

Utah 96
Dallas 102

Minnesota 122
Portland 110

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