Saturday, April 14, 2012

Orlando Magic Must Win Without Dwight Howard

The Orlando Magic got the bad news that Dwight Howard will be out for some time with a herniated disk in his lower back. This is a blow to the Magic who have been struggling without him in the lineup. This means everyone else on the team will need to step up. I seriously doubt if others will step up as they have not done that all season long, so why would they start now. Without Howard in the middle it means Glen Davis will be the guy in the middle for the Orlando Magic. I will admit Davis has played well as a starter, but it's the others around him that have not done the job.

This season Orlando just has been to inconsistent and you cannot win an NBA Championship that way. With Dwight Howard out for an extended time do not look for the Magic to go very deep in the playoffs. They could be out after Round one and if that happens Stan Van Gundy could be out as well. These next two weeks will be interesting for the Orlando Magic and it will tell us a lot about the players they have on the roster right now. 

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