Are The Miami Hurricanes In Trouble Again?

It seems the Miami Hurricanes college football program keeps making news for all the wrong reasons. Yahoo sports is reporting that the program could be in trouble again  for infractions in recruiting.The NCAA is looking into it and it will be interesting to see what will come of it. Current coach Al Golden has said that he has done nothing wrong and has followed all the rules.

It seems these new allegations surround Sean Allen former equipment manager who was former right hand man of Nevin Shapiro. Shapiro was the guy who caused all the troubles for Miami before Golden got the head coaching job. Let's hope for the Hurricanes sake that the allegations are unfounded. If not this program could get hit hard again and that is something they really do not need right now. Only time will tell what will happen, but right now it does not look real good for the Miami Hurricanes football program.

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