Drew Brees And Saints Agree On Mammoth Contract

The New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees finally agreed on a contract. Brees was given a five-year 100 million dollar contract with 60 million of it guaranteed. I will admit that is a lot of money, but Brees has put up some amazing numbers as Saints quarterback. The New Orleans Saints really had no choice as they knew losing Brees was not an option with Sean Payton out as coach.

Drew Brees is one of the leaders on the New Orleans Saints and they needed him. He got what he wanted and the Saints have a quarterback that will continue to put up impressive numbers. Now the Saints are going into the season without their coach, but they have one of the better quarterbacks locked up for five more years. It will be interesting to see how well Brees does this year without his coach on the sideline. Will he earn his money or will he struggle? Only time will tell, but I have a feeling the Saints will be fine with Brees under center.

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