Monday, July 2, 2012

Dwight Howard Making Demands Once Again No Real Surprise

Dwight Howard making demands should not come as a surprise to NBA fans anymore. It seems Mr. Howard will now only resign with the Brooklyn Nets when he becomes a free agent. Now if I was teams I would stay as far away from Howard as I could. He has proven to be a flip flopper and you cannot trust what comes out of his mouth. He thinks he is bigger then life and can dictate where he is going to play. If I was Orlando I would send him wherever I could get the best deal.

Mr. Howard has really become a disappoint to the NBA and himself in my opinion. He was at one time one of the most popular NBA players, but he is also losing his fan base. Lebron James was the most hated player at one time, but I'm starting to think Dwight Howard is inching up on that title now. Hopefully, the Orlando Magic will get smart and cut ties with Dwight Howard as soon as possible.

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