Saturday, August 11, 2012

Will Kobe And Dwight Howard Co-Exist In L.A.?

Now that Dwight Howard is a Los Angeles Laker can he and Kobe co-exist in L.A. until Kobe retires. Kobe has not exactly had the warmest of relationships with the Big Men in Los Angeles. The story of Shaq and Kobe has been well documented through the years and Kobe and Pau Gasol has not always been on the same page. Will Dwight Howard be another fail relationship with Kobe before he retires from the NBA?

Kobe Bryant is a guy who wants to win NBA Championships and will get a long with Dwight Howard to a certain point. When he see’s Dwight Howard not pulling his weight than there will be a problem. Can they co-exist? The answer is yes, but it will depend on how much each player is willing to do. Kobe expects a lot from his teammates, and will not put up with teammates that slack on the job.

 Dwight Howard will have a big impact on if they co-exist in Los Angeles as well. He needs to have his game face on every night. The clown act has to be left behind for television as Kobe wants dedicated serious players on the court. If Dwight Howard wants to clown around look for this relationship to be another rocky one.

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