Did The Lakers Hire The Wrong Coach?

The Los Angeles Laker fans wanted Phil Jackson, but ownership went a different direction. Did ownership make a mistake? Phil Jackson was the logical choice as he has proven to be a winner and probably could have won another NBA Championship with the group the Lakers have right now. Ownership though went a different direction which was kind of strange. In the end, this could be a big mistake for the Los Angeles Lakers. Yes, they hired Mike D’Anton I and he is an excellent choice, but not the one many people wanted.

 Phil Jackson in my opinion would have been the best choice by far. He could work with Dwight Howard and get him to become a better player. Kobe Bryant knows Jackson real well and I think they could have worked well together, but we will not find out. If the Lakers win the NBA Championship this year no one will remember that they did not hire Phil Jackson. If the Lakers do not win a championship the backlash could last for a very long time that’s for sure.

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