Monday, November 19, 2012

Does The Dallas Cowboys Still Have A Chance At The Playoffs?

It has been a up and down season for Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys so far in 2012. This does not mean you should count them out just yet. The Dallas Cowboys beat the Cleveland Browns in overtime by a score of 23-20. Yes, it was not really very impressive, but a win is a win. People never judge you on how you got the end result as long as you got it. The Dallas Cowboys head into Thanksgiving week at 5-5 and a chance to improve on that Thanksgiving Day when they play the Redskins.

The Cowboys have a tough upcoming schedule, so it will not be easy to make the playoffs, but you never know. Another loss could really hurt their chances, so they need to remain perfect to make the playoffs. Everyone knows the Dallas Cowboys are talented, but they just never are able to produce on the football field like they should. If they did we would not be talking about making the playoffs, but winning a division title.

The Dallas Cowboys are a team that sometimes is hard to figure out that's for sure. At times, they look like they can beat anyone, and other times they cannot beat the worse teams in the NFL. If they ever could come into a season dedicated to winning they would be very good. I don't know why it is such a struggle for them, but with all the egos that could have something to do with it. Right now they will be happy to sneak into the playoffs and so will Cowboy fans as well.

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