Does The San Antonio Spurs Deserved To Be Punished?

The San Antonio Spurs have done this in the past without much fanfare, but this time around the punishment could be severe. It seems that David Stern is not very happy with the Spurs coach Greg Popovich sending home four players. Now this would not have been a big deal if it was not a National televised game against the Miami Heat. It was a high profiled game and the NBA wants their best players on the floor.

The real interesting part is what David Stern will do as Popovich really did not break any rules. I'm sure Stern will come up with something as he does not want other teams to do this kind of thing in the future. It hurts the game and fans who pay to see these superstars. It also gives the NBA a black eye as they want to be as fan friendly as possible and they cannot do that if they let coaches send home players.

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