Monday, November 19, 2012

Maryland To Join Big Ten In 2014 As Money Talks

Maryland will be heading to the Big Ten in 2014 as the lure of television contracts and big money was too much to turn down. Right now, Maryland is looking for cash as they are strapped and can use the extra revenue that they could get from joining the Big Ten. Maryland recently had to cancel several sports, so the money will help them out a lot. Maryland is giving up the tradition of the ACC for cash and they understand that and so should their fans.

What does the Big Ten get from this partnership? It would seem that the Big Ten does not benefit, but that is far from the truth. They are expanding their base and Maryland can help them reach that and they know it. The revenue they can earn from adding Maryland could be substantial if everything works out for the Big Ten. If the Big Ten did not think they could not make money off of Maryland they would not have been included in the Big Ten simple but true. Even though the Big Ten is a school conference it still is about the money.

The Big Ten wants to be one of the elite conferences and wants a big television contract and the only way to do that is add more teams and bigger markets for their product to reach. Maryland is just one of those steps to get that done. Look for the Big Ten to add at least one other team before it is all said and done.

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