Sunday, November 18, 2012

Notre Dame Finally Gets To The Top Of College Football Heap

Notre Dame Fighting Irish have not got much respect this year, but they finally have reached the College Football apex this past Saturday. Oregon and K-State got bit by the upset bug making way for Notre Dame to be rated No.1 and a chance to play for a BCS Championship. It has been a long time since the Irish has been in this position, but they still have some work ahead of them before a title game. Notre Dame still has a dangerous USC team that would love to upset them in a season they have struggled.

Right behind Notre Dame is the one loss Alabama Crimson Tide whom would give the Irish a real challenge if they happen to face them in a BCS Championship game. Oregon and K-State and a number of other teams are hoping one of the two top teams stumble so they can sneak back into the championship hunt. Right now though it is Notre Dame's and Alabama's to lose. You never know as no one expect K-State or Oregon to get beat this weekend either.

The interesting thing would be if Notre Dame did get beat the BCS would have a real mess on their hands with a lot of one-loss teams. I can see the people of the BCS praying Notre Dame does not lose or they could have a real hornet's nest to deal with in the coming weeks. It will be interesting to say the least for the BCS.

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