Monday, November 12, 2012

With Alabama Losing Who Has The Inside Track To BCS Championship Game

After Alabama fell to Texas A&M there are many questions on how this will all play out now. Alabama was a lock, but with their loss it opens the door open for three teams. Oregon,Kansas State, and Notre Dame all have a shot at the big game now. Right now it looks like we could see Oregon and K-State in the BCS Championship if both teams win out. Where does this leave Notre Dame? Notre Dame is a good team, but will have a hard time getting past Oregon or K-State to play in the BCS Championship game. The one thing that Notre Dame has going for them is they are a great drawing card for any Bowl game. That still will not be enough to get them in the BCS Championship game though. The BCS system is not a good way to do it and Notre Dame could go undefeated andand get nothing for it, but that’s how it works. Notre Dame will probably find out how Boise State has felt the last few years. Even though Alabama has a loss they still could be the best team in college football. This is why we need a college football playoff. Hopefully, we will get it soon and not have to worry about teams getting screwed anymore.

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