Sunday, December 9, 2012

Can The Dallas Cowboys Overcome Latest Problems

The Dallas Cowboys have had a roller coaster season so far with plenty of ups and downs. The latest problem involved Josh Brent being arrested for killing a teammate while driving drunk. Killed was practice squad member Jerry Brown. The Dallas Cowboys did not need this as they are in a battle for a playoff spot, but just another problem they must deal with. The Dallas Cowboys will play with heavy hearts, but many times a tragedy can pull a team together even more than before.

The Dallas Cowboys will have a lot of their mind Sunday, but through it all they know they must continue to fight over all the issues. Losing a teammate is hard and the Dallas Cowboys must face that reality Sunday. Can they overcome it and continue their drive to the playoffs. I think they can as most teams win games like this for their fallen players. Many times tragedies such as this can carry a team all season long. Only time will tell how it will have an impact on the Dallas Cowboys. The one thing we do know the Dallas Cowboys did not need this to happen.

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